A selection of brand new Online Classes by floral designer Joseph Massie | AD

A selection of brand new Online Classes has just been launched by floral designer Joseph Massie. And I’m delighted today to feature an exclusive interview with Joseph!

Many congratulations on your newly launched Online Classroom! Could you tell us about the different types of classes available?

Thank you, Rona! With the release of our very first online courses, it was so important to me to avoid creating courses that were filled with lots of pretty flowers, lots of “fluff” … but well … not much else!

I wanted the courses to be really useful for flower lovers, students and florists out there today, and as such I’ve designed the courses to be filled to the brim with techniques and packed with sustainable mechanics. Most importantly, the courses hone in on the supporting theory – to ensure that each and every course ensures that you can build upon the learning, and enhance your own practice further still.