‘From Bud to Open Bloom’ | David Austin Wedding Roses | AD

The team at David Austin Wedding & Event Roses is pleased to premiere their new video ‘From Bud to Open Bloom’, which is a wonderful in-depth guide about how to condition and prepare these iconic roses. I also took the opportunity to sit down with the Jo and Amy from their Marketing & PR Team to learn more.

Q&A with Jo and Amy, David Austin Wedding & Event Roses

Jo Bird & Amy McCann David Austin Roses
Jo Bird (left) & Amy McCann (right) | Marketing & PR

So, what makes a David Austin Wedding Rose different to other cut roses?

We don’t think it is one thing, but a whole host of elements that, when brought together, create the complete package. Think haute couture versus high street. Mr Austin called this indescribable quality “looking for a grace or charm in each rose”. He knew it when he saw it, and we believe it is what makes a beautiful rose.

Notably, a David Austin rose brings the garden into every floral arrangement. So just like on a bush in your front garden, our roses give a performance, opening from closed bud to glorious open bloom. They reveal a captivating beauty, and often a perfume that you cannot get in a bottle. Pure, unadulterated romance!

Of course, our roses are recognised for their voluminous, large blooms, but each variety has its signature style and personality. Some reveal surprising shifts in form, texture, or colour that enhance their charm. For example, Constance (Austruss) in bud is pink. But as she opens, she reveals an unexpected creamy and blush pink centre – see below.