Your Instagram Makeover Mini-Series | Part 2

How to curate your Instagram grid is the focus of Part 2 of my three-part mini-series, Your Instagram Makeover, which I’ve created for you in advance of registration for my Instagram for Florists online course re-opening next Tuesday 27th April.

Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression. So let’s make sure that when your ideal client initially comes across your Instagram account and looks at your Grid that they are compelled to not only take a closer look, but also to follow you.

There are several ways that you can make sure that their first glance appeals to them. And thoughtfully curating your Grid is one of them. Read on for lots of ideas! If you’d prefer to watch a video of me running through each of these tips, simply click here.


The last 6-9 posts on your Instagram Grid are usually all that someone sees when they first come across your Account. Head over to Instagram now and take a look at your Account. Do the last 6-9 images ‘fit’ together? Take a screenshot so that you can refer back to your transformation in the future.