Your Instagram Makeover | Part 3

It’s time for the final part of my mini-series, ‘Your Instagram Makeover’. I’ve created the series in advance of the re-launch of my Instagram for Florists online course this coming Monday! Thank you so much for all your lovely feedback about the series so far!

In Part 1, we focused on how to optimise your Instagram Profile. In Part 2, we looked at how to create a visually appealing Grid. And now we’re going to cover ’10 Tips to Grow your Instagram Account’. So, let’s dive in!

‘I feel much more confident about using Instagram for my business. I’ve also seen increased growth and engagement in my account, which is wonderful.’



1. Create a Compelling Profile

We covered all the nitty gritty of how to create a compelling Profile in Part 1 of ‘Your Instagram Makeover’. Here’s a link, if you’d like a recap.

2. Master Your Grid

Mastering your Grid was the focus of Part 2 and here’s a link if you’d like a refresher. Below you’ll see a snippet from one of my Instagram accounts, @underthefloralspell, where as well as colour banding the images, I’ve also alternated light and dark photos.

Under The Floral Spell Instagram Account

3. Post Consistently

My advice would be to have consistent approach to sharing your photos and videos. To grow, you can’t post every day for a week and then not post for several months. People like consistency

4. Have a Consistent Aesthetic

Have an overall look that you’ll be recognised for. Think about what kind of style you’d like to be known for. This is a snapshot of my @flowerona account, where I’m known for my predominantly purple, white and green colour palette.

Flowerona Instagram Account

5. Add Value With Your Content

Make it your intention to provide value to your followers. For example, on Flowerona, now and again, I’ll share Instagram and photography tips. Here’s an example.

Astrantia Rule of Thirds

6. Use Relevant Hashtags

Consider the hashtags which your ideal client would use to search for something on Instagram. And add them as a comment, immediately after you’ve posted your image and caption on your Grid.

7. Post Beautiful Images

Really think about quality over quantity. Post only your very best quality images on your Grid.

8. Show Up in Person

Occasionally, post a photo of yourself or a video, perhaps talking to camera in Instagram Stories. Remember, people buy from people. Here’s an example of a lovely post by Rachel at The Rose Shed.

Rachel The Rose Shed - Bristol Florist

9. Post at Strategic Times

Use your Insights and make sure that you’re posting when the majority of your audience is online. Then you’ll have more chance of engagement, which will in turn help you with the algorithm.

10. Engage with Your Followers

Think about how you can engage conversation when you’re writing your captions. Plus make sure that you reply to comments and DMs.

I hope you’ve found ‘Your Instagram Makeover’ useful. I cover all the tips in the series in lots more detail in my Instagram for Florists online course, which relaunches this coming Monday!


Your Instagram Makeover

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P.S. If you’d like to read about past students’ experiences since taking the course, simply click on the following links : Jenny Bell Harman, Nicola Bird, Emma Spowage, Rachel Goodwin and Jen Bates.

‘On day one of the course, I had 234 followers. Today I have 3,863.’